Jun 8, 2007

The party is still on for Lindsay Lohan

Regardless entering into rehab, wrecking a car into a tree or pictures surfing around of her with a knife to her friend’s throat, none of the above or anything else can stop Lindsay Lohan from having her birthday bash that is going to be a blast.

Only a few weeks till her 21st birthday, Lindsay went on the Ellen show to discuss her birthday plans “I’m going to milk it,” she said. “It’s a big birthday and I think it’s been a long time in coming for my friends in L.A. who have clubs … (soon they won’t) have to worry about getting in trouble because I’m underage.”

Things would have been spectacular for Lohan if Svedka Vodka still sponsor her party but unfortunately, they’d backed out. But it’s okay, there still be alcohol beverages for everyone and just enough for Lindsay to get smashed enough to mess up another vehicle, enter rehab once again and do mindless acts for the world to see. After all, this is the life of Lindsay Lohan.

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