Jun 9, 2007

Gisele Bundchen to Pope Benedict: “No one is a virgin when they get married”

Pope Benedict, while on a pilgramage to the world’s largest catholic country, Brazil, was verbally attacked by Gisele Bundchen for the catholic church’s old-school beliefs.

The Pope presented the Catholic Church’s negative view of premarital sex, condoms, and abortions, which is what prompted Gisele to speak out. According to the Daily News,
Gisele Bundchen wants Pope Benedict to “show me someone who’s a virgin” on their wedding night. The model is also angry with the Catholic Church because they’re against condoms and abortion, insisting that way of life is ‘out-dated’. Gisele says that way of life was back when “the women were virgins, the guys were virgins.”

Show me someone who is a virgin on their wedding night and I’ll show you somoene who is a good liar. The bottom line is, people want to have sex. Sex in the bedroom, the city, a public bathroom, in front of thirty-five people in a frat house. Whatever! There’s so much sex going on that if there wasn’t contraceptives, we’d have 75 million extra children running around, who will probably end up starving or put in orphanages. Do it for the children!

When you look like Gisele Bundchen, and love sex, you’re pretty much perfect

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