Jun 29, 2007

Paris Hilton lies on “Larry King Live”

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Paris Hilton was on “Larry King Live” last night talking about her experience in jail and her hopes for her future.
Where she then told Larry King that she's never used drugs. Ever. In her life. I'm not sure if Paris is aware of that invention called the "Internet," but all she has to do is click here to see that, yes, she likes drugs. She likes drugs a lot...

Watch video of Paris Hilton doing drugs after the jump!


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Cynthia said...

Paris Hilton has had a jolt to wake up and now act out the true Aqurarian role she’s come here to accomplish. There will be some very significant luring, to go back to the illusionary surface world of glitz and glamor. The mentoring and coaching she received from a spiritual advisor got her through the dark tunnel she found herself in, grasping for light. All of what seemed to work before in her life, won’t work anymore and that includes lies. It was clear to everyone she lied on Larry King. Hope this spiritual person will stay on to help her get to the next step on this journey as she’ll need the support and guidance. This is a spark igniting in the world- espy in Hollywood– To all of those young people who will also go through their “Orientation” time– and coming sooner than later.

BTW, most of the masses (espy in Hollywood) do not get that when we leave this earth there are no favorites. A soul is a soul. And souls are not interested in jet setting, fast cars or 1.000.00 purses unless these material items have lessons attached.

Cynthia Long