Jul 2, 2007

Rebecca Gayheart - Topless in Porto Cervo, Italy

I’ll get straight to the point. On a holiday week that should suffice. No puns needed. Just good old fashioned nudity on a Monday like God intended. I’m patriotic like that. Rebecca Gayheart (the nude girl here) is a Kentucky native so she is automatically a an F&C fave, y’all. You may remember her in such classics as Earth 2, Vanished and CSI in sexy supporting roles (although she rocked in Jawbreaker), but she’ll always be the cute little Noxema girl to me. Kerri Russel be damned. Whatever. She’s hot and naked. Oh, word to the wise - never get Noxema on your junk; it won’t do what you think it will.Oh that dude who looks like me from behind, is her husband Eric Dane who plays McSomethingorother on Grey’s Anatomy.

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